Introduction to the Portal

The TimeXtender Portal is where TimeXtender users can connect with their TimeXtender solution, manage their ODX and view their license status. It's also where partners can manage licenses for their customers.


Portal sign-in page

In this section of the site, you can learn how to access and use the portal, but first a bit about the structure of the system.

The companies in the portal are placed in a hierarchy. Every company has a supplier and, if it is a TimeXtender partner, a number of customers. Every company also has a company type. This is a label for organizing companies and does not say anything about what permissions a company has in the system.

Permissions are instead tied to the hierarchy and can be delegated from a supplier to a customer if the supplier has the right to grant the permission to customers. Actions such as changing license edition, replacing a license code and access to the cloud environments are controlled by permissions.

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