Managing Users

The first user added to a company will be the contact person for the company and have administrative rights for the company in the Portal. In the following, you can learn about user-level permissions and how to add new users to your company.

User-level Permissions and the Contact Person

In the Portal, a user can be assigned user-level permissions that gives the user access to restricted features and functions. The available permissions depend on the permissions assigned on the company level. And just to complicate things further, it is also possible for a user-level permission to require another user-level permission.

These are some of the most important permissions:

  • Company Admin: Users with this permission are all-powerful in their own company, so powerful in fact that a little  crown icon is displayed next to their name when users are listed. They can edit company info, add/edit/delete users, assign permissions to users, etc. One thing they can't do, however, is to remove the company admin permission from themselves. This helps ensure that all companies have a least one admin.
  • Customer Manager: This permission is only available for partners. A customer admin acts as an admin in all customers' companies, but cannot make any changes in his own company.
  • Environment Admin: Users with this permission have access to administrative features around environments - add, edit, delete, regenerate secret. Other users can still see and copy the client secret.

In addition to these roles, each organization has a contact person. The contact person role does not come with any extra privileges. It is just a way of showing your partner who to contact at the company about TimeXtender stuff.

To change the contact person

  • On the Users list, in the Actions column , click the  Make Contact Person button

Adding a New User

To add a new user to your company, or a customer, follow the steps below.

  1. If you want to add a new user to your own company, sign in to the Portal as a user with the permission Company Admin. Then go to Admin > Users and click Add User.
  2. If you want to add a user to a customer, you'll need the Customer Manager permission. Then go to My Customers > Customers, find the customer and click on the company name to go to the Customer Details page for the customer and then, in the Users list, click Add.
  3. The Add User modal pops up. Enter the new user's First name, Last name, E-mail and Phone (optional).
  4. Under User permissions, select any user-level permissions you want the user to have.
  5. (Optional) Clear Send sign in-invitation to user if you, for some reason, do not want the user to be able to sign in to the Portal.
  6. Click Add.

Unless you chose not to invite the user, the system will send an invitation to the new user's e-mail address with a link for choosing a password. See Signing In for the First Time to learn more about the first sign-in experience.

If a user was not initially invited to sign in to the portal, you can send them an invitation later.

To invite a user to sign in to the Portal

  • Sign in to the Portal as a user with the Company Admin permission and click Send Invitation on the user's User Details page

Resetting a User's Password

If a user did not receive the invitation e-mail or has forgotten their password, company admins can trigger a password reset from within the Portal. The user can also use the "Forgot your password?"-link on the sign-in page to reset their sign-in.

To reset the password for a user at your company

  • Sign in to the Portal as a user with the Company Admin permission and click Reset Password on the user's User Details page
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