Custom Components Setup

Custom components are small drivers - providers - that add support for systems that are not supported by TimeXtender out of the box. The main benefit of this plug-in approach is that you do not have to upgrade TimeXtender just to add a new data source.

Note: This only applies to data sources added to a business unit. All ODX data source providers are installed through "Manage Data Source Providers" in the TimeXtender application. 

Installing Custom Components

Custom components are installed through the Custom Components setup application. Follow the steps below to install the application.

  1. Download TimeXtender Custom Components and start it.
  2. Wait while the installer is launched.

  3. Click on Install and click on Yes if Windows asks you "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to you PC"

  4. Wait while the application is downloaded and installed. Once complete, the application opens. When you have agreed to the license terms, a list of available components is displayed, ready to be installed.

  5. When you have installed the components, restart the TimeXtender Server [Version] service to have TimeXtender discover the newly installed components.


Current Custom Components

Custom data source providers for the following systems are included with the installer:

Data export destination providers for the following systems are included with the installer: 


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