TX2014 Service Release 2 Released

We are happy to announce that TX2014 Service Release 2 (SR2) was released today! 

Keywords for this release is Data Warehouse Automation.

Read more about it and download it here:

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    Mikhail Onqa

    Hi Thomas,  great update.  Where can we find all the feature sets that have been updated through out the TX life cycle.  We'd like to see the changes since TX 2012 or even 1 version earlier.



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    Thomas Lørup Duun

    Hi Mikhail,

    For every release there is a release document. At some point they get worked into the complete userguide, but until then they are accessible. If you download the current userguide, you will find the release notes from TX2014 SR1 and SR2 included as the last 2 chapters.


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