Scheduled execution does not run


You have successfully deployed, executed and tested your project. You have added an execution package to your project and added a schedule to this, but the package is not executed as expected.


The most common causes to a scheduled execution not starting at all are:

  • The scheduler service, TX Scheduler <version>, has not been started.
  • The scheduler service is run by a user with a different repository set up.
  • The project has not been deployed since the execution package was added.
  • The schedule is not enabled in TX.
  • Two or more execution packages in a single project are scheduled to run at the same time.


  1. Make sure that the scheduler service is properly set up and running - see this article on how to set up the scheduler.
  2. Make sure the project has been deployed since the execution package was added. The scheduler will always open the latest deployed version of a project and check for schedules. A simple save of a project after creating a execution package will not create a deployed version, thus the scheduler will not know of the package. You only have to deploy a single element such as a table to create a deployed version in the repository.
  3. Make sure the Enabled checkbox is ticked in the settings for the schedule in TX.
  4. Deconflict any execution packages scheduled to run at the same time - see this article on how the scheduler handles conflicts.
  5. Issues. Did it not start, did it fail or is my execution still running

This article applies to: timeXtender 4.5, tX2012, TX2014, TX DWA. Last updated: 2016-12-12.

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