How to upgrade a repository from 4.5.39 or later to tX2012

When tX2012 was released, the latest release of version 4.5 was 4.5.38. Due to this, the automatic upgrade wizard is not capable of upgrading repositories from later 4.5 versions to tX2012.

To handle this situation, we have developed an upgrade script that can upgrade a repository in version 4.5.42 to tX2012 (version 12.4.8). Follow the steps below to upgrade your repository using the script.

If your repository is already on version 4.5.42, you may skip step 1 and 2, and go directly to step 3.

  1. First the project repository must be brought up to version 4.5.42, since this is the only version that the script above can upgrade.
    Download timeXtender 4.5.42 and install it.
  2. Upgrade the repository to 4.5.42:
    1. Open timeXtender, if the general settings dialogue does not appear, go to Tools -> General Settings to open it.
    2. Select the repository database that you wish to upgrade in the dropdown menu.
    3. Go through the upgrade process, either local or webservice upgrades are viable options.
  3. Back up the repository database:
    1. Go to SQL Server Management Studio
    2. Right click the repository database, select Tasks -> Back up...
    3. Verify the settings and press OK.
  4. Apply the script attached to this post:
    1. Download the attached 4_5_42_x-12_4_8_x.sql file.
    2. Open the file in SQL Server Management Studio
    3. In the top-left database dropdown select the repository that you wish to upgrade
    4. Press F5 to run the script.
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    CalmCo Support


    It's very unclear how this works. If I drop this script in C:\Program Files\tX2012 Server\tX2012 Server\UpgradeScripts it throws an error on unexpected repository version. If I manually edit UpgradeMatrix.xml and add   <UpgradeItem Version="">4_5_42_x-12_4_8_x.sql</UpgradeItem> it still throws an error.

    How can I manually apply the script attached to this post from within TimeXtender?



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    Tobias Eld

    Hi Wim,

    Thank you for you feedback, I have updated the post above and included more detailed steps for the upgrade process.


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    CalmCo Support

    Great, many thanks!

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    Kurt Denolf

    Is this something that will be done included in future tx2012 releases ?  or will this be needed always when in the future we want to upgrade a customer from V4.5.39+ to tx2012 ?

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    Thomas Lørup Duun

    It is unlikely that we will include automated upgrade from later 4.5 versions to tx2012.

    We will provide an upgrade script with new 4.5 versions, like this one, that can be used to upgrade the repository to the latest released tx2012 version. 

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