How to use a web data provider in TX


In some cases, it can be useful to retrieve data from a web service. For instance, you could retrieve current or historic exchange rates for converting currencies in your project. While you cannot simply point TX to a web service and fetch data, it is fairly straightforward to get web data into your project.

Step by step

  1. Create a SSIS package that reveives data from a webservice and stores the data in a SQL Server table.
  2. Use the SQL Server Table populated by the SSIS package as a data source in your TX project.
  3. Optional: Set the SSIS package up to be executed from the TX Execution package.

This article applies to: timeXtender 4.5, tX2012, TX2014. Last updated: 2014-03-28.

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    Kurt Denolf

    One of the strengths of TX is that all Bi setup can be centralized in TX.  With this setup you need to do some setup in another environment for which you need to have specific technical knowledge .  therefore I would suggest that TX looks into the possibilities to connect directly to webservices data in future releases.

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    Mark Chinsky

    Absolutely.  In the world of SaaS, not having Odata native to the solution is a gaping hole.  Even excel reads Odata natively.

    We can't expect end users we want to sell to to have to mess with SSIS.  Otherwise why do they need timextender?


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