How to work with Multiple Developers in the same project

With the Team Development feature in Discovery Hub, it is possible for multiple users to work together on the same project. By utilizing an respecting the work items you can ensure that only one person is changing a single object at a time and you can avoid corrupting the project. 

Follow the rules below to ensure that the project stays consistent:

1)      Never work on the same object as anyone else. An object is defined as Table, Dimension, Cube

  • To avoid this, ALWAYS create work items before making any changes to an object. (Right-click the object, create work item)
  • If anyone else has the item marked for their use, wait for them to release the work item.
  • Once you are done working on an object, save the project and release the work item.
  • Keep the work items window open when working

2)      Do not rename tables, cubes, dimensions

  • The only exception is if you just created the table and have not saved yet or if nobody else has the project open (you can see who has an open project in the work items dialog)

3)      Always Save + Reload (CTRL + F5) before you start a new development task. This includes creating a new Table. This makes sure that you get the latest version of all objects before you start taking over somebody else’s work.

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