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Below, you can download the latest version of Discovery Hub. The Discovery Hub and Discovery Hub ODX Server version number will not always match, since they can be improved independently of each other. 

The latest versions are:

  • Discovery Hub 19.9.1
  • Discovery Hub ODX Server 19.9.1
  • Discovery Hub Client 19.9.1

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Which Discovery Hub Version Should I Download?

In most cases, Discovery Hub will be the right choice. It includes the core software and scheduler and server services. This is meant to be installed on the main server. In a single tier setup, only the server installation files are needed.

Discovery Hub Client includes the core software only. This is intended to be used for additional installations in multiple environments, or in separate development or test setups where scheduler and server components are not required. However, in most cases it is recommended to install Discovery Hub and simply not start the services if they are not needed.

You should install a 64 bit version of Discovery Hub unless you need to connect to data sources using 32-bit drivers.

Discovery Hub Prerequisites and Installation Instructions

See the Discovery Hub Prerequisites article for a list of the prerequisites for installing Discovery Hub.

For new installations, the article How to Configure Your Server for Discovery Hub describes the overall process of installing Discovery Hub on a new machine.

See the article How to Install Discovery Hub or Upgrade to a Newer Version for basic installation and upgrade instructions.

ODX Server Installation Instructions

Please see the User Guide for instructions on installing the ODX Server.

If you need a client secret for the ODX, and don't have access to the User Portal, please contact support. Make sure to include your Discovery Hub license code in your message.

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