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Latest Release

Below, you can download the latest version of TimeXteder. TimeXtender and TimeXtender ODX Server version number will not always match since they can be improved independently of each other. 

The latest versions are:

  • TimeXtender 20.10.1
  • TimeXtender ODX Server 20.10.1

Release Notes



TimeXtender Prerequisites and Installation Instructions

Please observe that the download of TimeXtender now includes both client and server components and that 32-bit execution is merged into one unified 64-bit version.

See the TimeXtender Prerequisites article for a list of the prerequisites for installing TimeXtender.

For new installations, the article How to Configure Your Server for TimeXtender describes the overall process of installing TimeXtender on a new machine.

See the article How to Install TimeXtender or Upgrade TimeXtender from a previous version for basic installation and upgrade instructions.

ODX Server Installation Instructions

Please see the User Guide for instructions on installing the ODX Server.

If you need a client secret for the ODX, and don't have access to the User Portal, please contact support. Make sure to include your TimeXtender license code in your message.

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