How to Use the Multiple Environments Feature (PDF)

See the attached document to learn how to use the multiple environments feature of Discovery Hub.

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    Kurt Denolf

    Question on this multiple environment setup : is there a possibility to define the execution packages per environment ?  We would like to have different scheduling on Dev and on Live , ... how can we accomplish this without having to make changes each time you make a transfer from dev to Live ?

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    Doug Wynkoop

    Hi Kurt,

    There is a way that you can get this functionality in the current version of TX DWA.  First, create an execution package for each environment you need an execution package to run in, and also create an Environment Name project variable.

    You can then add a condition to each package that will allow the Dev package to run only when the Environment Name variable equals "Dev," and so on for the rest of your packages.  This configuration will only allow your packages to run to run when TX DWA can detect that they're in the proper environment. 


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    Anders T. Grønlund

    Missing info on how to use the SSIS folder options. Another article on the web page describes only the tick mark that has to be set on the environment properties, not that you have to set it two Places. And this is not mentioned at all in the document in this article.

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