TX DWA interface elements very small or missing


Items are very small or are missing from the TX DWA interface. Check boxes are the most likely object to not appear properly.  This may only happen when logged into a remote desktop session.

Error message



This is a very common issue for small laptops or tablets such as the Surface that may use non-standard scaling and resolution settings.  

TX DWA is designed to display properly with scaling set to 100%, which is the default value on most computers.  However, tablets and small laptops sometimes set scaling to different values, which can cause the TX DWA interface to display incorrectly.


Ensure that your computer's display scaling is set to 100%.  Under the Windows 10 Display settings, scaling appears as a slider labeled "Change the size of text, apps, and other items:"

If you are having this issue on a remote desktop connection, this resolution will not work unless you follow these steps carefully:

  1. Sign out from your remote desktop connection.  Simply "disconnecting" will not work.  You must find the Sign out option under the start menu or power options and choose that exact option.  This is  because the connection must be completely reset for the fix to work properly. 
  2. Adjust the scaling on your local machine.  As mentioned above, it should be set to 100%
  3. Reconnect to the remote desktop.  The change should take effect. 
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