Is my execution is still running

If you have a scheduled execution, you sometimes want to know, is it still running. Below are some ways to check if this is the case or not. Also there is a list of places to search for error messages.

What is currently running on my system

So you notice that a scheduled job is not done in the time you expected, or did not complete in the nightly run. Alternatively you just want to know if there is anything that are currently being executed by the scheduler service.

First i will show how to see what is running and what account is running it. In the below picture i am executing a project through the multiple environments menu. I am logged in to the dev environment as TestBruger and you can see a timextender.exe running.


So when you have a scheduled execution running it will look similar, the only difference is that it runs as the scheduler user. Below i am still logged in as TestBruger on the dev environment, but you can see that the scheduled execution is running as TestBruger2.


Also you might think that if you are logged in to the prod environment you will use the same program, but that is not the case. As you can see you got two running, each with their own PID.


This is off course how it looks when there is no issues.

Is my execution actually failed

So if i did not get a notification by email when a scheduled execution is done, or not. The first step is to check the execution package itself. It should at least have a start date.


Next step is to look at the Schedule Execution Log. You can see the process id the job got here. At times this will block future executions. So beware of that. I will add a script to deal with this issue below.


If a execution is running and you want to know how far it is, or went go to the Gant Chart and look at that. Remember to un-check the Auto Update button.


These are the checks you go through if there is a start date. If it does not have a start date the fist check is to see if the scheduler service is running. If not, you have the explanation as to why it did not start.


If it was running all along. Try to log in as the scheduler user. If it does not point to the correct repository, it will not start.

Find the error

To find the error that caused the missing fail notification, the best place to look is the event viewer. The errors will be located here. With a short description. If the error is out of the ordinary, send the error message to us at


Fix the issues

Below is the method to remove old ProcessIds that could block for executions to start. Remember to uncomment the second line with -- before you execute it the first time. Also you need to run it with the correct repository database.


If the server service is stopped consider setting it up like this to keep it running. Automatic (Delayed Start) is to make it wait for the SQL server to start before starting itself. Restart the service, is what it does if it accidentally fails.


Stop a currently running scheduled execution

Sometimes it simply is slow execution, perhaps a change of a lookup has made the data cleansing procedure many hours too long. To stop it simply stop the scheduler service. Go to the Details pane of the Task manager. Find the timeXtender.exe processes that are running. End all of them by pressing End Task. Fix the issue in your project, deploy the changes and start the service again.



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