How to add a Azure Analysis services tabular model

Azure Analysis Services

Since release 17.12 we have had the opportunity to deploy our semantic tabular endpoint to the Azure Analysis Services.

The requirements

You need a Azure Analysis Services resource created and running. You need a user account that has rights to use it. Besides that there are two methods to connect to it when that is set up.

You either need to have your DWH database located on a Azure SQL server, or install a on-premises data-gateway.

I have a Azure SQL Server running

The benefit of this is that it already knows about the Azure Analysis services, so no further setups is needed.

How to set a DWH up on a Azure SQL Server is explained here.

Alternatively a setup could look like this.


The next step is to create the Tabular endpoint. The semantic model you created needs to use tables from the MDW database exclusively. The endpoint should be set up like this.


Take note in the xxxxxxx part in the server name area, that is the name of the azure analysis service itself. You can use the service account, but only if it has rights on the Azure Analysis services server.

The user you use has to be added on the Analysis Services Admins.

That is it. Deploy/execute to add the model.

I will use the gateway

The first step is to install the gateway. Gateway installation guide

The most important bit to note is that the location must be the correct one. In my case it is West Europe. If you don't add the correct one, it cant find the service and you can only set it up once. If you forget this you have to uninstall the gateway to set it up. Also the user account you run as, must be the same you used in the gateway installation.


When it is up and running and you made the connection. You are ready.

Connect server to gateway resource

The next step is similar to the previous method.


Also here does the user you use need to be added on the Analysis Services Admins.

Then you deploy/execute the model.


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