Remote Execution of SSIS Packages v.2


The Remote Execution of SSIS Packages feature improves performance when Discovery Hub is installed separately from the SQL Server that houses the data warehouse.

When this is the case, all traffic from source systems to the staging databases and data warehouses has to pass through the Discovery Hub machine where Discovery Hub opens and executes the SSIS packages it has generated. Even on a high-speed LAN, this is considerably slower than having Discovery Hub and the data warehouse on the same server.

As the name suggests Remote Execution of SSIS Packages lets you execute SSIS packages on a remote server, typically the server that houses the actual data warehouse, saving the data an extra trip through the network cables.

Compatibility and Prerequisites

Remote Execution of SSIS Packages is supported by the following TimeXtender DWA platforms: Discovery Hub 17.12.13 and forward

SSIS must be installed on both the local and remote servers. The SSIS version on the local server and the SSIS version on the remote server must be the same version for the Remote Execution service to work.  

Installation Instructions

Please see the user guide for the feature for installation instructions.


Below, you can download the Remote SSIS Execution installation package. Select the version that matches your Microsoft SQL Server version and bit version.  

SQL Server 2005

SQL Server 2008 / 2008R2

SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2014

SQL Server 2016

SQL Server 2017


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    Andri Páll Heiðberg

    What's new in version 2 of the remote execution of SSIS packages?

  • 0
    Paw Jensen

    Hi Andri,

    We updated a dependent assembly which is used to convert string values to datetime values. The assembly updated is only used by the SAP Adapter.

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    Laurent Bassompierre


    our customer want to modify his installation, moving his databases to a dedicated sql server and keeping Discovery Hub on an application server. We'll use 'remote execution of SSIS' tool. On the dedicated SQL server, our customer is using 'AlwaysOn availability group' technology. 

    In this group there are 2 sql servers, and on our DH project we'll connect on a third server.

    Is remote Execution of SSIS working with this type of installation ? On which server do we have to install the tool ?


    Edited by Laurent Bassompierre
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