Episode 03 - Use Azure Data Lake for ODX Storage (13 Apr 2021)

TimeXtender Tuesdays are a live, how-to webinar series to demo how to set-up and use the platform. Each episode starts with the prerequisites and a quick recap of the past session, as needed. Then, spend the next 15 minutes to walk through how to do something in TimeXtender or Azure. The final portion of the sessions are devoted to a selected question for our "Stump the Chumps" segment.

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Contents - Quick Jump

  • 00:00​ Introduction
  • 01:28​ Review and Prerequisites
  • 03:11​ Overview of Steps
  • 03:44​ Create App Registration
  • 05:35​ Create Secret
  • 06:40​ Create Data Lake
  • 09:05​ Enable App Registration Access
  • 10:51​ Add Data Lake as ODX Storage in TimeXtender
  • 15:58​ Q and A
  • 17:37​ Stump the Chumps

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