Add Azure Analysis Services to an existing Azure Discovery Hub Deployment


This guide is designed to provide the reader with an overview of the deployment of the Azure Analysis Services components for a Discovery Hub implementation using Azure SQL Database Managed Instance. 

Azure Analysis Services with Azure SQL DB MI and Discovery Hub 

Azure SQL DB MI must be configured in a VNET and as such is isolated from the rest of Azure. Azure Analysis Services cannot be configured in an VNET and as such must make use of an Azure On-premises Data Gateway registered in the Azure Portal to see and connect to Azure SQL DB MI. 

At Microsoft Ignite in October 2018, the Managed Instance engineering team revealed that they are very close to making it possible to open a public data endpoint on a SQL Server Managed Instance. This will render the On-Premises Data Gateway obsolete for this purpose. We will update this article as this feature is released. -- TX Feb 2019

1. Azure On-premises Data Gateway 

The Azure On-premises Data Gateway can be installed on the Discovery Hub Application Server deployed in the VNET. To install and configure the Azure On-premises Data Gateway follow the following steps: 

2. Azure Analysis Services Configuration Changes 

Once the Gateway has been installed and configured, follow the following steps to update your Azure Analysis Services configuration to work with Azure SQL DB MI. 

Azure Analysis Services integration with VNets via On-Premises Data Gateway 

Configure Discovery Hub to use Azure Analysis Services 

Semantic Layer Configuration: How to add a Azure Analysis services tabular model

Further details in the Discovery Hub User Guide to configure Analysis Services 

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