Create a TimeXtender Application Server in Azure


This guide will cover how to deploy and configure your environment using the Azure Marketplace App: TimeXtender Application Server

The deployment of the Azure resources will vary depending on Azure resource availability. Deploying the necessary Azure resources generally takes ~15 minutes.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial of the process, please check out our episode TimeXtender Tuesday: Create a TimeXtender App Server in Azure.


Complete the following steps to configure TimeXtender Application Server on Azure:

  1. Deploy TimeXtender Application Server
  2. Connect to the virtual machine
  3. Install the Latest version of TimeXtender and ODX Server
  4. Configure the ODX Server
  5. Configure the TimeXtender Environment

Deploy the TimeXtender Application Server

  1. Sign-in to
  2. In the Search bar, type "TimeXtender Application Server"
  3. Select the Marketplace search result
  4. Click Create.
  5. Configure your desired properties for the Virtual Machine.
  6. Click Create. 

Connect to the Virtual Machine

  1. Once deployment is complete, navigate to the Virtual machine & Click Connect
  2. Select RDP and download the RDP file. 
  3. Open the RDP file once it has downloaded and click Connect
  4. Enter in the credentials to connect to the virtual machine that you created earlier and click Ok to connect.


Install the Latest version of TimeXtender and ODX Server

You can find the download links of the latest version here.

Configure the ODX Server

Please see the article, Configure and Manage the ODX Server, for configuring the ODX Server using SQL Server data storage.

Configure the TimeXtender Environment

Once you are connected to the Virtual Machine, activate your Discovery Hub instance following the instructions in this article: First Time Set-Up of TimeXtender.

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