Release Notes for Discovery Hub 19.6.x

19.6.1 - Initial Release

Release Documentation

New features

Redesigned User Interface

  • Flexible Tabs
  • Solution Explorer
  • Stronger Integration of the ODX Server
  • Warnings and Errors in the Reports Menu
  • Start Tab and Other Changes

Operational Data Exchange (ODX) Layer

  • Support for Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 as Data Storage
  • Use Azure Databricks for Incremental Load to Azure Data Lake Storage
  • Use Azure Databricks to Transfer Data from ADL Data Storage
  • New SAP Data Source for ODX

Modern Data Warehouse (MDW) Layer

  • Show Join for Lookup Fields using the Default Relation
  • SQL Database Cleanup Tool Improvements
  • Keep Lookup and Supernatural Key Field Values Up-to-date

Shared Semantic Layer

  • Hide Measures in Semantic Models
  • Improved Authentication for Azure Analysis Endpoints



  • "Advanced Options" Display Setting



  • Bug 2377: ODX Service Configuration fails if you have no existing repository
  • Bug 2432: Wrong check for running execution package in execution package log
  • Bug 2448: Allow Key stores to be added to a perspective
  • Bug 2452: Add script source for items like Custom Table Inserts to generated documentation
  • Bug 2765: ODX Custom SQL source: LIKE filter not working
  • Bug 2790: Issue with incremental load fields
  • Bug 2976: Snippet Transformations are displayed with GUIDs
  • Bug 3022: CDATA - Multiple versions of provider installed
  • Bug 3123: Semantic Field Edit doesn't store values in certain situations
  • Bug 3137: The ODX Service sometimes fails to start due to ip is null
  • Bug 3204: Manual Object Dependencies are not included in dynamic perspectives
  • Bug 3252: SSL dynamic security - Null reference
  • Bug 3262: ODX Row Filter Gui improvements
  • Bug 3004: Missing newline in environment transfer
  • Bug 3367: Endpoint steps are not removed from execution package
  • Bug 3464: Type-safe hashing algorithms with decimal/numeric types
  • Bug 3474: Tabular security shows null values even though they're not added to the role
  • Bug 3507: Circular references when tracing causes application to crash
  • Bug 3522: DataType - a length of 0 for a char will become varchar(0) for Any Source ADO
  • Bug 3539: ODX error with loading Microsoft SQL types
  • Bug 3559: Custom selection rules must not include conditional lookups
  • Bug 3606: Modifying order of business keys in a supernatural key
  • Bug 3646: Error when trying to add a login to a database security role
  • Bug 3653: Delete project procedure needs optimization
  • Bug 3654: Edit Custom Measures: Changing Parameter does not save
  • Bug 3661: Save as problem with ScheduleJob and process id
  • Bug 3690: Execution package Schedule information needs to be removed when doing save as on a project
  • Bug 3696: Sorting fields to choose from alphabetically throughout the app
  • Bug 3782: Type-safe hashing algorithms with decimal/numeric types
  • Bug 3841: DB2 data source does not transfer system timestamp to data lake gen1 in the ODX

Fixed in 19.6.2

  • Bug 3877: Semantic Layer Role F2 rename issue
  • Product Backlog Item 3879: Improve ODX component upgrade logic

Fixed in 19.6.3

  • Bug 3913: Wrong feature check when managing tab and tab groups
  • Bug 3916: GP Adapter - data type money and smallmoney fails on transfer

Fixed in 19.6.4

  • Bug 3930: DH - Saving previous version as latest version issue

Fixed in 19.6.5

  • Bug 3929: Adding another lookup from an aggregation table to an existing conditional lookup
  • Bug 3935: Create view builder using the original name
  • Bug 3941: Table Settings: Warn about combining Keep field values up-to-date with Simple mode or persist as valid table disabled

Fixed in ODX 19.6.2

  • Bug 3932: ODX - Local ADUser search member issue
  • Bug 3998: ODX selection rule on bit fails
  • Bug 4005: ODX Selection rules from Lake to DH bug
  • Bug 4107: ODX proxy issue

Fixed in 19.6.7

  • Bug 4037: Error generating Documentation with Hierarchy Table
  • Bug 4039: Wrong Icons for Hierarchy table levels
  • Bug 4048: Standard View issues
  • Bug 4062: SQL engines ignore some server compatibility settings
  • Bug 4067: First run issue when setting up the repository
  • Bug 4073: Custom Semantic Layer Measures hidden property is not saved
  • Bug 4077: SSL - Tableau custom measures script is wrong for measure parameters
  • Bug 4079: Links does not work in CubeStore project descriptions
  • Bug 4097: SQL Database Cleanup Tool group all independent objects under "Tables"
  • Bug 4100: Deploying changes takes a lot of time on step "Building Cache"
  • Bug 4102: Faster opening of tabs
  • Bug 4109: Performance Recommendations: Include orphan Entire Row Hash Key fields
  • Bug 4143: DB2 Data Source: Columns containing '#' in name gets incorrect mapping in SSIS package and fails on execution

Fixed in 19.6.8

  • Bug 4222: Error deploying view - index out of range exception
  • Bug 4220: Opening an earlier version of a project NAV and AX adapters are loaded incorrectly
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