Release Notes for Discovery Hub 20.1.x

20.1.2 - Initial Release

Release Documentation

New and Improved Features 

  • Full support for Azure Synapse Analytics (formerly Azure SQL Data Warehouse) as data warehouse 
  • Support for transferring data with Azure Data Factory from Azure SQL to ODX data storage on Azure Data Lake
  • Windows Services Setup tool with new GUI and ODX integration
  • New tool for cleaning up unused SSIS packages
  • Flexible SSIS version selection and package storage
  • Filter data for semantic endpoints with new project variables
  • Support for changing snippets
  • Change connection information without triggering deployment
  • Enable simple mode on data warehouse tables
  • ‘Show Translation’ setting on scripts on semantic models
  • ‘Summarize By’ setting on semantic fields

Deprecated Features

  • Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1 as ODX data storage
  • Regular expressions in ODX


  • 2568: Enabling SSIS on the project level will mark data warehouse tables as dirty which is not correct if the direct read option is used for a table
  • 3432: Losing ownership of tabular databases when an error occur during deployment
  • 4017: DWH SSIS package does not detect stage data type changes
  • 4154: Performance problem when deploying indexes on compressed tables
  • 4156: Performance problem in batch data cleansing + full load on incremental load tables
  • 4675: Issue with SSIS and differential deployment
  • 4888: First run - database fail read
  • 4892: "Do you want to place this table in different database schema?" opens Table Settings on Misc.
  • 4966: Direct read does not keep default value when source value is null
  • 5097: CData uninstall and upgrade issue
  • 5148: ODX services doesn't show version number in title
  • 5345: ODX Role members issue
  • 5524: Include/exclude tables or columns is not working in ODX data source filters
  • 5587: ODX DataBrick creates unsupported runtime version
  • 5768: SSL - Removing a column and the effect in semantic model

Fixed in 20.1.3

  • 6202: Slow read of objects for NAV Adapter
  • 6204: NAV Adapter - wrong conversion added for ssis paclages
  • 6129: Issue with editing data warehouse after upgrade to 20.1.2
  • 6115 - SSL Qlik security using wrong schema when default schema isn't used
  • 6209: ServiceInstaller is un-signed

Fixed in ODX 20.1.3

  • 6104: ODX Schedules are sometimes incorrectly starting at 24.00




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