Introducing Discovery Hub

Introducing Discovery Hub

The purpose of Discovery Hub is to enable you to create and maintain a complete data warehouse solution with as little effort as possible. To achieve this, Discovery Hub employs Data Warehouse Automation techniques to automate the tedious parts of the work.

SQL code for the ETL (extract, transform, load) process, MDX code for OLAP cubes, indexes etc. are generated automatically. Most tasks can be accomplished using drag-and-drop in the graphical user interface, and the amount of code you need to write is minimized. However, if and when you need to customize the code, you can do it in your favorite development environment.

This user guide outlines the features and functionality of Discovery Hub. Please note that this document does not cover detailed concepts of data modeling or the tables and fields of any particular relational database. If you need help with this, please explore our training options.

This section provides an overview of user interface you will be working with when you build a data warehouse in Discovery Hub. Installation instructions for the software is provided on our support site at

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