Certification Exam Study Guide - Building Modern Data Estates with TimeXtender

An industry-standard certification on TimeXtender skills to design and automate modern Data Estates and deliver world-class data management solutions. 

This is a 75-minute, closed-book exam to answer about 55-60 questions.  It is an online exam.  Successful candidates will receive a badge and a certificate.

Study Guide for TX-200  Certification Exam

Building Modern Data Estates with TimeXtender

Technology and Concepts

Practical Experience

Hands-on experience using TimeXtender to implement and support a modern data warehouse (at least a few weeks working exposure).  This includes the following:

  • Given a typical scenario/ use case/ business and technical goals, how would you design,  implement, troubleshoot and support your Data Warehouse using TimeXtender? 
  • Basic concepts of Azure databases and Azure Portal resources
  • All phases of ETL process and sub-systems implementation in a TimeXtender project
  • TimeXtender UI menus and options, folders used, file locations
  • Setup, Upgrade and common data management tasks
  • Reference Architecture and "How To Implement" scenarios

Technical Areas

Go through all categories for TimeXtender:

Online Training

Review TimeXtender Online Training - study all sections, optional labs and quiz, with a focus on the following topics: 

Design a Modern Data Warehouse

  • Dimensional Modeling
  • Fact and Dimensional tables
  • Lookups
  • Relations
  • Field validation
  • Transformations 

Intermediate Features

  • Perspective
  • System Control Fields
  • Custom View
  • Table Mappings
  • SQL Database Cleanup Tool
  • Batch Data Cleansing setting
  • Data Compression
  • Incremental Load
  • Supernatural keys
  • Slowly Changing Dimensions

Advanced Features

  • Multiple Environments
  • Global Databases
  • Data Type overrides
  • Data Selection Rules
  • Incremental Load
  • History
  • TimeOuts
  • Customized code, snippets and script-actions
  • Team Development and Multi-user issues

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Sample Questions:

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