ODX Repositories and Client Secrets

The ODX uses a repository in the Azure cloud for storing meta data about data storage, data sources and tasks as well as logging. To access the repository, you need to provide a client secret when you set up the ODX service. Partners have access to their customers' client secrets in addition to their own.

Viewing Repositories and Client Secrets 

To see a list of your company's repositories and associated secrets, navigate to the ODX > Repositories page. 


You can click the client secret to copy it to clipboard and click  Show to unmask the client secret.

Adding a Repository

If you have the ODX Admin permission, you can add repositories, Per default, two repositories is included with your license.

To add a repository

  • Click Add on the ODX Repositories list.

Note: The button is disabled if you have all the repositories your company is allowed.

Naming a Repository

The repository is created when an ODX service connects to it for the first time. Once that has happened, you can give the repository a name if you have the ODX Admin permission. The name is currently only displayed in the Portal.

To name a repository

  • Click  Edit, type a name in the modal that appears and then click Update.

Regenerating a Client Secret

For security reasons, you can regenerate a client secret if you have the ODX Admin permission. If you regenerate a client secret, any running ODX services that use the secret will be unable to connect to the repository. 

To regenerate a secret

  • Click  Regenerate Secret and confirm by clicking Generate in the modal that appears.


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