Release Notes for TimeXtender 20.10.x

20.10.1 - Initial Release

Release Documentation

New and Improved Features 

  • Data Lake-optimized ODX storage implementation including file format change to Parquet
  • Automatic incremental load from the ODX into a data warehouse
  • Alerts and e-mail notifications on critical errors in the ODX service
  • New ODX tab where you can browse the data storage, see information on storage on the table level and select tables for the data warehouse
  • Data source explorer with functionality for confirming that selection rules, incremental load rules etc. work as expected
  • Independent synchronize and transfer tasks to make task schedules more transparent
  • Project lock to prevent multiple ODX servers from using the same ODX project
  • Safe shutdown of ODX server to make upgrading easier
  • Improved logging UI and less logging of redundant information
  • Ability to connect to initializing ODX server from the TimeXtender application


  • 7021: Unable to remove pending tasks in ODX Execution Queue
  • 7821: SQL Server Logins results in error on Azure SQL DB
  • 8403: SSL: Format string defaulting to Invariant Language
  • 8575: Project variables object null reference when edited without opening the script editor

Fixed in 20.10.2

  • 8765: Cannot deploy primary key delete SSIS package when the data source is bit specific
  • 8767: 32/64 bit execution engine stalls on deployment and execution when failing on initializing communication.

Fixed in 20.10.3

  • 8811: Data Source Excel leaves out columns with type LongVarWChar - text column with more than 255 characters
  • 8863: Error generating Super Natural Key on SQL Data Warehouse
  • 8889: Oracle slow synchronization - affects all bit specific data sources
  • 8892: Timextender memory leak - an issue on data source explorer
  • 8925: SQL Data Warehouse has slow performance with identity insert, when using insert into a table - Data Cleansing

Fixed in ODX 20.10.3

  • 7884: "Cloud Repository is corrupt" is reported if the ODX is unable to reach the cloud repository
  • 8850: "Specified cast is not valid" exception is thrown when the backlog was successfully created but the firewall blocked the request to add a project
  • 8907: Azure Data Factory transfer to Data Lake can give an error: "Token has expired"
  • 8911: Incremental load on decimal datatype is not working

Fixed in 20.10.4

  • 8980: Qlik Sense terminate execution issue

Fixed in ODX 20.10.4

  • 8551: Oracle fails when using date fields as incremental load in ODX on OLE DB version
  • 8907: ADF to ADLG2 token expiry issue
  • 8959: Parquet and datetime2 issue

Fixed in 20.10.5

  • 9017: Execution package with retries can return "Broken pipe" error

Fixed in 20.10.6

  • 9039: Issue with execution package with retries

Fixed in ODX 20.10.6

  • 9033: ODX Parquet transfer can use all memory on large transfers
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