Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Adapter

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Adapter

This adapter simplifies extraction of data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Adding a Dynamics CRM Application Adapter

  1. Open a business unit, right click Data Sources, click Adapter Data Sources and then click Add Dynamics CRM Adapter. The Add CRM Adapter window opens.

  2. In the Name box, type a name for your data source.
  3. In the Server address box, enter the URL of the Dynamics CRM server.
  4. In the Organization number list, click on or enter the number of the organization you want to see data from. Click the Reload button next to the list to refresh the list of available organization numbers.
  5. In the Username box, enter the user name you want use for authentication.
  6. In the Password box, enter the password corresponding to your user name.
  7. In the Connection Timeout box, type or select the number of seconds to wait for a connection to be established.
  8. In the Batch size box, type or select the number of records to fetch in each request. Bigger batches uses more memory.
  9. Select Use Office365 authenticationto use Office365 for authentication instead of username and password.
  10. Select Only fetch active records to fetch only active records.
  11. In the Default text length box, enter the max length set for data types that does not have a maximum length defined.
  12. Select Truncate text values to fit data type to make the data fit the data types by removing any extra data.
  13. Select Unicode to set text fields to Unicode.
  14. (Optional) Click Test Connection to verify that your settings are correct and then
  15. Click OK to add the adapter data source.
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