Error: Unable to update the provider. The provider is currently locked by the application

If you get the following error when you attempt to update your CData providers.

Unable to update the provider. 
The provider is currently locked by the application.


Unable to update the provider. ...
Module: timeXtender
at TimeXtender.DataManager.CDataComponentInstallHelper.UninstallComponent(DataSourceComponentModel dataSourceComponentModel, Boolean isUpdate)
at TimeXtender.DataManager.ManageCDataDataSourceProvidersCommand.UninstallProvider(Form parentWindow, CDataComponentModelWrapper componentModelWrapper, Boolean isUpdate)

It may be because you have more than one running environment on the same server and the others are blocking for the update.

The following is a method that works for this.

Change the component path folder you are looking at, then add all the providers to that.

If successful, close TX down on the server, go to the folder you just added and rename the old one to CData Components_OLD and the new folder to CData Components.
If successful, open TX go to the menu and point at the CData Components folder again.
If successful, edit one of the CData data sources in your project and verify that it points at the correct version and that all provider types is present.

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