Create a bacpac export

Sometimes you will need to create a export of a database for use in another location.

In a local SQL server install you have the option to create a backup file that you can send to someone. In Azure SQL, this is not possible. Instead you have the option to create a data tier export called a bacpac file.

There are many benefits to this compared to a backup, as it takes way less space.

To do that locate the database, right click on it and click on Export Data-tier Application

Then you click next. Notice that it mentions creating a bacpac file.


Then click on save to local disk to, click on Browse to locate where to store the file. 


Alternatively you can also chose Save to Microsoft Azure. You just state a storage account and a container and it should store it there.

If you click on Advanced you have the option to choose which tables to export.


Then you click Finish to go through it and generate the file.


After the operation is complete, you will see the result of of the exports.


That is it.

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