Release notes for TimeXtender

TimeXtender 6024.1

Release documentation

New features

  • A TimeXtender solution is now based on ODX, data warehouse and semantic model instances set up in the TimeXtender Portal
  • New pricing model based on usage
  • Manage data sources in the Portal
  • User management and access control in the Portal
  • License keys and client secrets replaced with sign-in to the Desktop
  • Full documentation for the ODX
  • Context-sensitive help
  • ODX: Oracle Data Source
  • ODX: Dynamics 365 Business Central data sources
  • ODX: Rollup data files in Azure Data Lake
  • ODX: Sync data sources through Azure Data Factory
  • ODX: "Subtraction from value" option for incremental load
  • MDW: Data profiling
  • MDW: Execute PowerShell Script as 'external step'
  • MDW: Lookup transformation
  • MDW: Multiple ODX table mappings based on filters
  • MDW: Support for multiple ODXs as sources for one data warehouse
  • SSL: Support for Power BI XMLA endpoint
  • SSL: Semantic endpoint for CSV files


  • Improved synchronization from MDW->SSL and ODX->MDW
  • ODX: Select tables from a list in addition to the rule-based selection
  • ODX: Improved creation of ADF pipelines for transfer between for data lake and data warehouse for better performance and reduced cost
  • MDW: SSIS has been removed as a transfer option
  • MDW: Business Units feature has been removed
    SSL: SSAS Multidimensional (OLAP) Cubes, the Qlik modeler, and Data Export have been removed
  • All deprecated features have been removed
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