Release notes for TimeXtender Portal

Release notes for the TimeXtender Portal at


Release 2022-11-10


  • We've implemented two improvements to the Add data source form. The system can now validate whether a numeric field's value is between the minimum and maximum allowed. And when you have a text field that should usually be one of a list of values, the system can now list those values to choose from. You can find these improvements on some, but not all, data sources.


  • For partners: We've removed the Permissions card from the customer details page since it had become superfluous. Permissions, if any, are now displayed on the Company details card.


  • The Get started page now works better on narrow screens.
  • Smaller UI fixes to some button labels and colors.

Release 2022-09-29


  • Company admins can now get a more detailed look at their consumption. The new Usage month to date list shows usage on the individual days of the current month. The same information, but for previous months, can be found by clicking the month on the Monthly overview list. This opens the new Monthly usage details page. 
  • For partners: Customer managers will now see the My Customers card that lists recent customers and trials, and provides a shortcut to the My Customers section, on the Home page.


  • Validation for file paths on the Qlik endpoint in the semantic layer was too strict.
  • For partners: Trials would always be added under your own company, not the partner specified.
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