Data source settings > query table priority over existing table

Is it possible to have a query table with the same name as an existing table to have priority over the existing table.
Now it is the other way around. On synchronise you see your query table fields being removed by the existing table.

To add a field to an existing table I now have to use the option "rename the original table" to a view and create this view at the source db. I feel like this option has been put in place in case the original table changes names or schema in your source. Using it like this feels like abusing the feature.

This in turn leaves me with code not managed by TX which in most cases is not something I want. 


Example : Table with date created and a field object modified which can contain NULL values. I want to have a datemodified for incremental loads and now have to build a view at the source with a calculated field for date modified and then rename the original table so all my lookups and stuff are kept in place.

With a table query the code would have been managed by TX and I wouldn't be poluting my source DB for which I need additional rights to write into etc...



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