Ability to include powershell script actions in TX

We have a data source (Afas "Profit", Dutch ERP system) that we can only access through a SOAP API. This API allows you to do a call and receive a table in XML format.

Calling this SOAP API is quite easy from powershell, however it is not possible to run the powershell code from SQL Server (xp_cmdshell is not an option for us)

Besides this, having code outside of TX is a path we don't we to go, as it puts us back in the world of manually deploying files. 

It would be great if we could deploy and run powershell scripts from TX.

This would make sense as an option in "Script Actions", e.g. in the right click menu there are 3 options:

* Add Custom Step

* Add FTP Source

* Add Powershell script


(Of course, even better would be if TX supported Afas Profit out of the box)


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