Support for Sample Data

In a development scenario it can sometimes be quite time consuming if you have to do a full load of the entire project - or even just a single large facttable - to check if a certain change in the logic was implemented correctly. In this scenario it would be a very powerfull feature if timeXtender could do a execution with just sample data.

The feature could be structured like this:

From a deployed and executed table, select "Create Sample Data".

Sample data will be an extract of the current records in the Raw instance of the table.It should be possible to filter the data either by manually writing the Where-clause or by offering a interface similar to the current data selection rule interface.

A <Table Name>_Sample is created in the database, containing the sample data extracted from the Raw instance of the table.

When executing the project, it should be possible to select "Use Sample Data" (Advanced - and not the default option!)

When executing with the Sample data flag set, timeXtender should skip the SSIS/ADO.Net transfer for all tables in the execution scope where a sample exist. Tables without a Sample table will be executed as normal including the data transfer.

If you have any comments or additional ideas to the sample data feature, please respond in this thread.


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