Different default order of tasks in Deploy And Execute

In my environment, my data is small enough and my loading window is big enough so I can still do a deploy + execute all when I'm ready with changes in my development environment and want to apply to production environment.

Right clicking on your project root and select "Deploy And Execute", TimeXtender will default to deploy all first, then Execute all second.

When deploying and executing your project as the last step after making changes to your dev environment and you are applying your changes to production, this places your production OLAP and Data Warehouse databases in an unnecessary risk. If for some reason there is a failure in any of the steps, all data has been cleared in all the production databases (DW, OLAP etc.).

I suggest the default order of Deploy and Execute be changed so TimeXtender will Deploy and Execute each database before proceeding to the next.

This would mean it would first deploy and execute staging, then deploy and execute DW and finally deploy and execute OLAP.

Having a failure on staging would still have DW and OLAP populated with the last data. Failure on DW would still have OLAP populated etc.


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