Using relationships between tables to define joins

I was working in TX when suddenly an error popped-up saying I had an un-ballanced  data movement, offcourse I had fields mixed from 2 tables, but that got me thinking:

I have a relationship defined on my BU between the two tables, why can't TX see this relation and buid the query using this relationship to move the data to the DWH ? Thinking further I think using this would solve a whole lot of other problems.

When we are able to define a join type (inner, outer, left, right) on the relationship, we would be able to build almost any join. When we could use this type of joins in data movements from BU to DWH then we would have a very powerfull alternative to join header and lines tables, join tables that would otherwise require a lot of lookups, ...

I would be very interested in this feature.


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