Separate scroll windows for Data Warehouse, Staging Database and Data source

The "Data" tab provides a continuous list of tables, view, scripts, etc of the Data Warehouse, Staging Database and Data Source.

This results in a very long list of items to scroll through.  It makes it easy for users to lose track of where they are in the project, and makes it difficult to move items from the staging database to the data warehouse.  (CTRL-W helps, but is far from a perfect solution).

Suggest separating information in the Data tab to three separate, independently scrollable sections so that the user can scroll though the data warehouse, and below that scroll through the staging database and below that scroll through the data source.

It would be ideal for the user to be able to control the relative height of each of these three sections (or minimize any section), so that they can dedicate a majority of the screen space to the section or sections that are most important at the moment.   


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