Prevent selection rule and lookup columns need to exist in the valid tables

I'm not sure how this goes with the Timextender architecture but I would like to be able to not necessarily have the columns that are used for a selecton rule or a lookup exist in the valid table.

Ex. 1: I don't always want the column that I use in a selection rule from a staging table to be available in a final dimension table. The where clause is based on a column that exists in the staging database so I should'nt be forced to have it in the DW table if don't need it.

Ex. 2: If I am using lookup in a fact table to get a surrogate key from a dimension table I don't want the natural key that I used for the lookup to necessarily be visible in the fact table. I would like to be able to join using the natural key column from the raw fact table and only display the lookup value in the valid fact table.

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