Support for AS (alias) in tablenames and fields in Stage

If you have a source with "odd" names for tables and fields, it is often useful to create a view that has more 'logical' or 'human - readable' names and then use that as a basis for data movements. An example of a very simple view of recent project:

CREATE VIEW [dbo].[d_Model]
SELECT    [iTypModId]    AS [Model ID]
    ,[cCdTarifMO]    AS [Labour Tarif]
    ,[iMrqId]    AS [Make ID]
    ,[iGammeVehId]    AS [Series ID]
    ,[dDateMod]    AS [Date Modification]
FROM [DesiTypMod]

Everyone reporting on the DW now sees the table d_Model and it is now very clear what the cryptic table DesiTypMod actually means and holds as data.

Since TimeXtender's view editor and handling is not optimal, it might be handy to able to set aliases on table names and fields in the stage and base data-movements on these aliases for such simple "renaming" operations.

If a field name has no alias set, use the original field name. If it has an alias set, use the alias.

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