Logical Table Grouping in DW and Stage

When working with many tables, it would be handy to be able to logically group them in a "folder" so you can easily organise your work. Just like you can group measures on a cube, you should have the same option in the Stage and DW. E.g. You could make a dimension tables folder and a fact tables folder. These could then be collapsed/expanded as needed.

Subfolders would be handy as well. E.g. for SAP FICO you could make a FI folder with as subfolders Dimension Tables and Fact Tables and a CO folder with the same substructure.

There should also be a button that allows viewing only your dimension tables or only your fact tables (based on e.g. The advanced settings that mark a table as dimension or fact) and dragging a table from a dimension to a fact folder should change its marking in the advanced settings as well.

The folder structure should allow dragging entire folders from stage to data warehouse in one swift move. Now when modifying many source tables you need to drag them one after the other to the DW and resync them with the appropriate table. It should also be possible to apply certain filters/transformations/lookups/sql snippets/business functions on a folder level (meaning it would apply this to all tables in the folder and subfolders (e.g. If field A is empty, set it to fixed value "Missing in source").


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