Errors and Warnings

If there are rows in the Warning and Error tabs after execution, there really needs to be a notification.  I've run into situations personally where I have forgotten to check these tabs and then struggled for quite a while trying to figure out why data wasn't being loaded into my table.  I have several other clients who have asked about notifications as well.

This should be implemented to support ad-hoc executions in the GUI as well as scheduled or queued execution through an execution package.

1. In the case of ad-hoc / manual execution of objects in the GUI, it would be wonderful if the number of error and warning rows could be displayed in the execution dialog window.  OR, make the tabs show a different color, display the count of error or warning rows.

2. For scheduled or queued execution, email notifications need options available to include error and warning counts, possibly grouped by tablename. I would want to have a separate email sent out so I explicitly know if errors occurred during the last load without having to open up each success email.

Obviously when using TimeXtender for a while, one gets used to checking the Error and Warning tabs on a regular basis, but this is not intuitive for new users. 





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