Ability to Customize Decimal Scale In Numeric Fields

TimeXtender appears to force you to always define a decimal field with scale 38. decimal(38,xx).
Unfortunately this isn't always going to work for us as there are times where we have to have decimal fields with a precision of up to 16 decimal places.

Since SQL Server has a maximum "length" of 38, we're losing accuracy that we have to have in order to apply precise calculations when doing math operations, such as computing a quotient.

We would really like to define some of our decimal fields as decimal(22,16).  

Please see the attached example of an issue we're experiencing when we're not allowed to modify the scale. You can see how the repeating 6's are limited to only 6 decimal places and not the full 16.

It would really be nice to have this as an added feature in a future release of TX.



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