Customization of System Fields


in order to provide a better service with a better data quality could be necessary for our project to modify the name and behaviour of system field. 

The basic functionality are very useful but since they are field which are currently visualizable on all the created tables could be very interesting if the possibility of customization, with the necessary caution, could be available. 

Here a list of features which could be great to have available: 

1) The renaming as i.e from DW_SourceCode to XXXX_XXX or whatever;

2) The possibility of changing the current showed value such as for the mentioned field : i.e in DW_SourceCode change the "Aggregate" value to "Anything";

3) The possibility of Using the field somehow, for example with relationship or transformations. 

I hope that everybody reading this post will keep adding some features by post. 

The System Field could be a great resource, but they really need to be customizable. 


Thank you very much for your effort,

Kind Regards, 

Luigi Vecchione

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