Semantic & Qlik Modeler :: Respect DW relation directions in naming and set-up of relation

Relations in Qlik and Semantic models can be very confusing, graphically speaking.

When you drop a field from a dimension table to a fact table in a semantic model, Discovery Hub insists on naming the relation in alphabetical order and adds a confusing < sign.

This should be made less confusing.

First, if the relation in the DW is from e.g. Company to GL Entries, respect that direction both in naming and in cardinality. The most common use case for a relation in a SQL DW is one-to-many. Given that we can tell a table in a DW whether it is a Dimension or Fact table, this can help in automating relations in the Semantic and Qlik modeller.

Second: the < sign, does it actually mean anything? If not, please get rid of it. Or replace it with something clearer, like an arrow.

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