Filter Qlik tables with where Exists

I regularly have cases where I want my Qlik model to include only a subset of my data. Let's say I have a table dim_product containing all the product dimension information. I want to make an app about specifically products of a certain product group A.

In TimeXtender I can use the filter option to only load the products where productgroup = A.

Next step I want to load all sales transactions for that product group. In Qlik Sense script I would then write something like this:

LOAD * FROM Transactions WHERE EXISTS(ProductID)

And the transaction table will contain only transaction rows matching the product IDs where the product group equals A.

Sadly TimeXtender lacks this feature, forcing me to either bring in the productgroup to the fact table as well or writing custom Qlik Script where I first load the entire table and then do a resident load.


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