Visual Icon Cue on Scheduled Execution Packages

Maybe I'm missing something but this is a feature that, in my experience with TX DWA, might be of use when trying to diagnose why something scheduled did not run as expected.  Maybe some visual cue on the execution package icon that shows:

1) Execution Package has an active schedule and based on local environment Usage Conditions is active, maybe a green icon with a clock.

2) Execution package has active schedule but won't run based local environment Usage Conditions. Maybe an yellow or orange icon with a clock  For example, a package that has a schedule but won't run because it is in the Dev environment.

3) Execution Package has schedule but it is disabled.  Maybe a clock with an X through the icon or existing icon

4) Execution Package has no schedule.  Existing icon.

I have on-demand development packages that are co-mingled with production scheduled packages and when you are trying to figure out what should run on a schedule and what should not, it involves opening the packages one by one to view the settings.  I don't have that many right now, but I can see this becoming more of an issue, as I develop.more packages. I started embedding a string like Daily 1:00AM or Dev in the execution package name do this now.

So at the very least, maybe, providing some indication of those that have an active schedule, from those that don't, would be helpful.  Appreciate!

P.S. Maybe a view on the repository database could more simply answer the question "which execution packages have an active schedule?"


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