Drag & drop external connection in Stage on the DW to generate data movement

A customer has asked as to include an "EOL" database of his ERP system (from a takeover of another company).

To achieve this we ran a copy of the main ETL against that database so we have a nice staging with all the historical data ready to be moved into the DWH.

I added that stage db as an External Connection  in the stage of the main ETL and wanted to copy all the selected tables and views to the customer's main DW.

Unfortunately, drag & dropping the entire External SQL connection on the DW is not possible and I have to add 200+ tables manually.

I thought the workaround could be to put guards for execution on the "old ETL" and import the "old ETL" BU as an external BU in the main ETL and do the DMs from there.

Unfortunately, the External BU is also completely unstructured and I just can't drop an entire views folder from an External BU into a DWH but am forced to do this one view or table at a time.

So, it would be very nice to

a) have an option to not have the tables of an external SQL connection show up in the stage table

b) drag & drop the entire connection to the DWH to generate data movements

c) do the same for external BUs where the structure is separated between tables and views in the project tree



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