Specify connection parameters used in Endpoints in Semantic Model

When you use Azure SQL as the backend for your MDW and want to generate QlikView script in your Semantic Model, Discovery Hub will create a connect statement that embeds the account used by Discovery Hub to connect to the MDW database in the statement. Additionally the account password is stored in the script in cleartext.

In a non-Azure setup you can use Windows Login to furnish the connection, but in Azure SQL you only have SQL Server authentication available.

It would be beneficial to be able to specify a separate account to be used by the Endpoint. In this way a consuming BI platform can have its own Service Account that connects to the MDW, enabling useful logging. Otherwise all consumption will be logged under the same account used by Discovery Hub to Execute.

Currently for QlikView you would need to read the generated script, replace the connect statement with something else and then execute the script.


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