project tree, Impact analysis and data lineage - alternative presentation

The idea is to have a more compact view of your project.

For example https://bl.ocks.org/raflemmens/7e57fa84e09671fd10b38c6a09d992ce 

full screen example : https://bl.ocks.org/raflemmens/raw/7e57fa84e09671fd10b38c6a09d992ce/ 

This shows the entire etl project based on a timextender repository. Now you can see the complexity and show it to non technical people as well.

You could also add a box next to the graph showing search results or paths.

How it works:

search box:

  • search for a table 

Combo box:

  1. Trace direct connections and fade out non related
  2. trace direct sources from your selection and fade out non related
  3. trace direct destinations from your selection and fade out non related
  4. trace all connections (full path) and mark them red
  5. trace all connections going to the source and mark them
  6. trace all connections goig to the destinations
  7. trace all connection and remove non related elements
  8. trace all source connections and remove non related elements
  9. trace all destination connections and remove non related elements

Colors :

  • Blue (staging) : color shading refers to tables, views and custom tables
  • Green (dwh): color shading referes to tables, views
  • Orange : dimensions
  • Yellow : cubes


How to activate/deactivate an element

  • Click on a dot to select, double click again to deselect.
  • scroll to zoom
  • hold left button on the white area and move your mouse to postion the image on the canvas
  • If you use option 7, 8 or 9 you need to refresh the page to get the orignal view (haven't implemented a reset for that yet).

So this is a basic relation diagram based on table relations and not yet on field relations. 

You can have a faster way to show relations, impact and search a bit faster than currently is possible in timextender.


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