incremental loading of external SQL connections in the MDW

I've got a client with two ERP systems where I want to load the GL transaction tables incrementally in the MDW. One table comes from the ODX whereas the other table comes from an external SQL connection. Primary keys and timestamps are of course aligned.

Mapping in the MDW consists of two data sources, the ODX and the external SQL connection. The problem is that I only have one timestamp field in the _I table, not one for each of the data sources.

What I suggest is a feature where each data source (we can use the DW field) has its own timestamp, much like each company in NAV gets its own timestamp in the special _INCR table when using the NAV adapter in the ODX.

It's not an urgent feature request ... I've got workaround scripts that implement the feature ... it would just be more elegant with a TX-automated solution.


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