OLAP ETL failure Issue


I'm trying to resolve an issue where OLAP fails to execute during ETL processing due to a canceled transaction attempting to acquire a lock.  This is occurring on a QA instance hosted on a dedicated server that doesn't have any other ETL jobs processing.  I'm seeing a pattern of failures occurring on particular days of the week.  However, the error message sent in the ETL email isn't specific to the root-cause.  Also, I've perused 3 online resources that give explanations on the causes and remedies for such an issue, as I've gained understanding thereby that this matter occurs due to insufficient "timeout" settings.  But those tactical solutions pertain to remediation via the traditional SSAS development capacity, and such do not apply to the TX DWA software  For I don't see a way within TX DWA to change the settings for CommitTimeout and ForcedCommitTimeout.  Does anyone have any insight on how to rectify this issue? Your input would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks and have a good day!


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