"Show Translation" in the Semantic Layer

It's not currently possible to see what code TimeXtender is committing to the various front-end endpoints.  The ability to see this code is extremely helpful when it comes to actually writing out code in the program itself.  Without this, it's either possible to parameterize your code, or make the code easy to understand.  You can't really do both. 

The lack of "Show Translation" makes very useful features like fully qualified fields a really mixed bag.  It can be confusing to tell what you're doing in more complicated measures, because the code you see in a properly parameterized Script window is so different than what is actually sent to the front end system.  In order to create something understandable, the user may be forced to use less efficient, more verbose options, like adding the table name and the field name individually. 

A user might also simply decided to skip the Tabular front end altogether and design the tabular model in Visual Studio, just to be able to see what they're actually doing. Clearly, this is an outcome we'd like to avoid!


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